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ith the Ugni blanc, we are able to offer blends combining several different grape varieties. It is by blending at least 3 or 4 different varieties that we are able to achieve an interesting balance.

Our COLOMBLANC, PUJADE, JARDIN DE MARIE, LAMOULIE and PERRAS wines are blends of Colombard, Ugni, Gros Manseng and Sauvignon varieties. It is also this blend that we sell as a Domaine des Cassagnoles generic.

Blends are created by Gilles Baumann. He selects the various vats by tasting and determines which combination would create the best balance according to the characteristics of each grape variety. The result is a complex, aromatic and long-lasting wine.

We presently have 2 bi-varietal wines and a number of pluri-varietal blends.

The Colombard-Sauvignon

The Colombard-Sauvignon is a very harmonious wine with remarkable aromatic strength that is long on the palate. The 2 grape varieties complement each other perfectly and the result is surprisingly fresh. It is a lively wine, with an expressive nose and complex mouth.
It may be drunk chilled, at 10°, as an aperitif and is also a fine accompaniment to a large number of dishes;

The Chardonnay-Sauvignon

The Chardonnay-Sauvignon is more vinous. It is a flavoursome blend with a strong Sauvignon nose and a full Chardonnay palate. The result is both rich and complex. It should be drunk at 10/12°, for pleasure, with asparagus or scallops.

Another blend of white wine (Colombard, Ugni blanc and Gros Manseng) is available in 5-litre or 10-litre bag-in-boxes. It is a dry white wine that is both fruity and supple.

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